This is my new gallery of illustrated work to showcase my current style (2013). All the ideas are from hand drawings in my sketch books, then developed into vectorised final pieces of work. I hope you enjoy looking through these imaginary constructions.

"Ornaments Two"  Based on travel sketchbooks, imaginary worlds, and a warm colour palette.
"Ornaments One" - This began as a sketchbook drawing from a recent trip to Florence in Italy. It features all sorts of lamps, glasses, furniture and famous artwork from around the city. 
"Kiss" - This was gradually built up starting from the centre and ending up with the final construction. 
"Normal Life" - I began with a sketch of a character, I then drew everything important in his life. These become the building blocks that are used to construct the world around him. 
"Optical Worlds" Using isometric patterns and shapes to create a dreamlike construction. 
"New Construction" - An Autumn woodland theme containing acorns, birds and trees. 
"Power Comp" A combination of abstract themes and vibrant colours. 
"Parallels" Originally started as two seperate sketches. Two worlds are joined together and framed by toy block staircases and towers.  
James Sandifer Illustration 2013

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